VCB Pole Mounted Recloser

ZW32 series Breakers, produced in our vacuum circuit breaker company, are used in distribution systems. Auto circuit reclosers are used to make and break normal and fault currents. Circuit reclosers are fully equipped with sensors and a controller to provide a means of protection and control. In case of a line fault, electronic reclosers can break and make currents several times, thus avoiding longer network interruptions due to temporary faults. As a vacuum circuit breaker manufacturer, we manufacture, design, and test the vacuum recloser based on current standards IEC 62271-100. GOPOWER, which is a vacuum circuit breaker supplier, are committed to producing qualified circuit breakers and offering satisfying services for the customers. If you want to buy vacuum circuit breakers, please contact us, because our vacuum circuit breaker price is competitive in the recent market.

Types of VCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker/Recloser

Outdoor VCB breaker is an indoor power distribution device in 3 ~ 10kV, 50Hz 3 phase recloser, which can be used for the protection and control of electrical equipment in industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations. Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is especially suitable for places requiring no oil, less maintenance and frequent operation. The circuit breaker can be configured in central cabinet, double-layer cabinet and fixed cabinet as control and protection of high-voltage electrical equipment.

As a auto recloser manufacturer, we can offer types of vacuum circuit breaker, such as 11kv vacuum circuit breaker, 33kv outdoor circuit breaker, etc.

VCB Pole Mounted Recloser FAQs

Advantages of VCB

Pole mounted auto recloser is named because its arc extinguishing medium and insulating medium of contact gap after arc extinguishing are high vacuum. Pole mounted recloser has the advantages of small volume, light weight, suitable for frequent operation and arc extinguishing without maintenance. Vacuum type circuit breaker is widely used in distribution network.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Construction And Working

Vacuum load break switch mainly includes three parts: vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, electromagnetic or spring operating mechanism, support and other components. The working principle of vacuum breaker electrical is: when the moving and static contacts are opened under the action of the operating mechanism, an arc is generated between the contacts, and the contact surface volatilizes steam at high temperature. Because the contact is designed in a special shape, a magnetic field is generated when the current passes through. Under the action of this magnetic field, the arc moves rapidly along the tangent direction of the contact surface, and some metal steam condenses on the metal cylinder (shielding cover). The arc extinguishes when it naturally crosses zero, and the dielectric strength between the contacts recovers rapidly. This is the principle of vcb breaker operation.

As one of vacuum circuit breaker manufacturers, we manufacture vcb vacuum circuit breaker according to its working principles. If you want to know more details about vcb breaker working principle, please contact us.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Uses

Vacuum recloser has been widely used in China. Especially in the field of medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker, our products have obvious advantages. Vcb circuit breaker is now widely used in power system and has become the key electrical for the effective control of power supply and consumption system. In practical work, only by fully understanding its performance requirements, finding problems in time and taking corresponding measures can we ensure the safe, reliable and economic operation of power supply and consumption system.

How Does A Recloser Operate?

High power recloser, referred to as recloser pole, is a high-voltage switchgear with its own control and protection functions. Automatic circuit recloser can automatically detect the current passing through the main circuit of the recloser, automatically disconnect the fault current according to the inverse time limit protection in case of fault, and reclose multiple times according to the predetermined delay and sequence.

Application of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32-24/630-20 type circuit breaker is widely used in urban power grids or rural power grids as a section switch or contact switch, for outdoor substations of the rural power distribution system as an outlet switch, for 10kV system as a split and combined load current, overload current, and short circuit current protection.