Role of Vacuum Circuit Breaker in Power System

Let's look at the working principle of vacuum circuit breaker and the role of vacuum circuit breaker in the electric power system. Vacuum circuit breaker's arc extinguishing medium and the insulation medium of the contacting after the arc extinguishing are high vacuum. Vacuum circuit breaker is the main switching equipment in the electric power system. Vacuum circuit breaker is named for its arc extinguishing medium and insulating medium of the contacting after the arc extinguishing. It has the advantages of small size and light weight. It is also suitable for frequent operation and arc extinguishing without maintenance. Therefore. vacuum circuit breaker is widely used in electric power system.

1. The technical standard for outdoor vacuum circuit breakers

Vacuum circuit breakers have been seeing vigorous development from the past ten years. This is the main switch equipment in electric power system. 

The product has developed from several varieties of ZN1~ZN5 to dozens of models and varieties. With rated current 5000A, its breaking current reaching a better level of 50kA. And its voltage reach to 35kV.

2. The function of outdoor vacuum circuit breakers in electric power system

When the electric system is working properly, outdoor vacuum circuit breaker can stop and get though circuit. And no-load and load current.

When a fault occurs in the power system, the vacuum circuit breaker and relay protection cooperate to quickly remove the fault current and prevent the expansion of the accident.


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