33kv Load Break Switch Application

The 33kv pole mounted switch is made of a proven rugged, corrosion-resistant material (304L stainless steel plate for warships), ensuring a long service life (30 years) and a range of operations, with the characteristics ideal for on-column equipment.

33kv Load Break SwitchTechnical Parameters

Products TypeFWX-36
Basic Ratings
Maximum System Voltage36kV
Rated Continuous Current630A
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Short Time Withstand Current16kA/1sec
Making and Breaking Capacity
Mainly Active Load Current630A
Number of Load-break Operations400times
Short-circuit Making Current (peak)40kA
Number of Making Operations5 times
Cable Charging Current25A
Line Charging Current1.5A
Closed Loop Circuit Current630A
Transformer Magnetizing Current22A
Power Frequency Withstand Current Test
Wet Condition-10sec Ph- Ph-Eth, Across Interrupters70kV
DryCondition-1min,Ph- Ph, Phase to Earth95kV
Dry Condition - 1 min Across Interrupter110kV
Impulse Withstand Current Test( 1.2 x 50 µs )
Phase to Phase, Phase to Earth195kV
Across Interrupter215kV
Other Ratings & Specifications
Internal Arc Test20kA /0.1 sec
Arc Extinction MediumSF6 Gas
Insulation MediumSF6 Gas
Creepage Distance (Porcelain)1055mm
Creepage Distance (Silicon)1550mm
Dry arcing distance
IP Level65
Operation Performance
Closing/Opening Time<1sec
Mechanical Operations (Guaranteed)10000times
Operating Temperature (*Manual Type)-25~+70℃
Gas Pressure
Nominal Pressure (MPa, at 20°C)0.07
Bursting Pressure (MPa)0.4~0.6
Minimum Gas Pressure (MPa)0.05
Leakage Rate (cc/ sec)≤0.5%
Voltage sensors
CT ABC   10P10   5VA400:05:00
Incoming side and outgoing side of the voltage sensor

6 Voltage sensor(built-in)                   

Phase voltage:(24(36)kV/√3)/(3.25V/√3)

Special attention should be paid to the voltage sensor, which must be directly fed by the 33KV load break interrupter switch

No additional adjustment circuit can be added to the controller. The voltage signal of the 33kv load break switch into the test line needs to be tested separately.

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