Features of 12KV SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

  • The operating mechanism with spring energy storage ensures fast closing and switching operation (<1000ms).

  • Operator place: Local/Remote.

  • Equipped with an electronic controller, it can be operated locally or with FTU/RTU interface for console operation.

Specification of 11KV SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

Parameter NameUnitTechnical Requirement
Rated Maximum VoltagekV12
Rated continuous CurrentA630
Short Time Withstand CurrentkA20
Short-circuit Making Current (peak)kA50
Power Operating Time (Close/Open)sec<2
Mechanical Operationstimes3000
Rated full load operationstimes400
Breaking Capacity
Main Active (0.7pf)A630
Cable chargingA5
Transformer magnetizingA10
Lightning Impulse Withstand Level
Phase to EarthkV75
Across interrupterkV85
Power Frequency withstand voltage
Phase to EarthkV42
Across interrupterkV50
Other Ratings & Specifications
Creepage Distance (Silicon)mm830
IP Level
Arc Extinction Medium
SF6 Gas
Insulation Medium
SF6 Gas
Leakage Ratecc/ sec≤0.5%
Product size (max)

Environmental Conditions for Equipment Use

Environmental conditions for equipment use
2.1 height above sea level:≤3000m
2.2 Air temperature: -40℃~+50℃
Maximum diurnal temperature difference:≤25℃
2.3  Relative humidity:Daily mean95%    monthly average90%
2.4  Maximum wind speed:≤34m/s
2.5  Earthquake intensity:<8 degree
2.6  Icing thickness:   <10mm
2.7  Thickness of snow:   <35mm
2.8  irradiance:   <0.1W/cm2
2.9  Pollution grade: Ⅲ class, Ⅳ class Ⅲ, Ⅳ
2.10  Installation site: No fire disaster, explosion danger, chemical corrosion, and frequent strenuous vibration places

Working Procedure of 11KV SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

The load switch that uses SF6 gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium is called the SF6 load switch. It can be used to switch and switch load current and overload current, and it can also be used to switch and switch no-load circuits, no-load transformers, and capacitors. Groups, etc., all three-position load switches with the functions of connecting, disconnecting, and grounding have the characteristics of simple structure and low price. But the load switch cannot disconnect the short-circuit current.

Intended Use of 11KV SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

The SF6 load switch is an excellent load switch that many users have experienced in recent years. In addition to its long electrical life and strong braking force, it has the same advantages as the vacuum load switch. Its outstanding advantage is that it is easy to achieve three working positions (connected, disconnection and grounding), small current (inductance, capacitance) breaking, strong resistance to severe environmental conditions. It is suitable for popularization and application in urban and rural medium voltage distribution networks.

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