SF6 Gas Load Break Switch Manufacturer(SF6 LBS)

FWX1 LBS installed on the pole is suitable for rated voltage 12/24/40.5kV, rated current 630A, 50/60Hz Distribution network breaking. The load current or overload current in a power system automatically isolates the faulty sections of the distribution line. Switch with the latest technology electronic controller, manual operation, electric operation, and remote operation. The electronic controller is installed in the stainless steel box and can be used under various climatic conditions. In addition, cable and wireless modems can be installed in the box to realize remote monitoring and control. Simple installation and arrangement on the pole are convenient, quick, and low construction cost. As a load break switch manufacturer, we offer various types of pole mounted switches for sale and provide satisfying load break switch price for the customers.

Load Break Switch(LBS) Operation PDF

The load break switch operation pdf include many parts, such as operating mechanism, functional characteristics, table of electrical characteristics and so on. Further details about load break switch operation are in it.

Types of SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

Pole mounted load break switch has the characteristics of blocking effect, long electrical life, high insulation level, good sealing performance, self-protection and low operating power. In our company, we offer many types of load break switches, such as 11kv load break switch, 15 kv pole mounted disconnect switch, lbs 24kv 630a, load break switch 33kv and so on. 

FAQs of SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

What is SF6 Gas Load Break Switch?

The load break switch SF6 is an excellent switch that many users have experienced in recent years. In addition to its long electrical life and strong braking force, SF6 LBS load break switch has the same advantages as the vacuum load switch. The outstanding advantage of pole mounted load break switch is that it is easy to achieve three working positions (connected, disconnection and grounding), small current (inductance, capacitance) breaking, strong resistance to severe environmental conditions. Load break interrupter switch is suitable for popularization and application in urban and rural medium voltage distribution networks.

How does load break switch work?

SF6 gas load break switch is a kind of switch equipment with a simple arc extinguishing device. The load switch that uses SF6 gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium is called the SF6 load switch. SF6 load break switch can be used for closing and breaking load current and overload current, or as for closing and breaking no-load circuits, no-load transformers and capacitor banks. All three-position load break switch functions are connecting, disconnecting, and grounding have the characteristics of simple structure and low price.

What is the difference between disconnect switch and circuit breaker?

  • The circuit breaker has an arc extinguishing device, so the circuit breaker can be operated with load, not only can operate the load current but also operate the fault (short-circuit) current; and the disconnect switch does not have an arc extinguishing device, although the regulations stipulate that it can be operated at a load current less than in the case of 5A, it cannot be operated under load as a whole.

  • The circuit breaker has a good packaging form, so simply observing the circuit breaker cannot intuitively determine whether it is in the closed or open position. The disconnect switch has a simple structure, and its operating status can be seen at a glance from the appearance, and there is an obvious disconnection point during maintenance.

  • Circuit breakers are mostly operated by remote electric control, while disconnect switches are mostly operated manually on site

SF6 Load Break Switch Advantages

The excellent insulation and arc extinguishing performance of SF6 gas makes the SF6 load circuit breaker have the following advantages: strong breaking capacity, high fracture voltage, and more continuous breaking times. SF6 load circuit breaker is suitable for frequent operation. Load break switch SF6 is a "maintenance free" circuit breaker with excellent performance. SF6 load circuit breaker has low noise, no fire hazard and low electromechanical wear. If you want to know more about medium voltage load break switch, you can download load break switch manual on our website.

Application of SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

The SF6 load switch + fuse combination appliance is the SF6 load switch to bear the overload current (this overload current is still within the range of the load switch rated breaking current for the SF6 load switch) and the closing and breaking of the normal operating current. And it is also required to undertake the breaking of "transfer current". The short-circuit protection and overload protection on the high-voltage side of the transformer are undertaken by the high-voltage current-limiting fuse. At this time, a set of SF6 load switches and three fuses with triggers, as long as any one of the triggers is activated, its linkage mechanism will automatically open the load switches at the same time. The organic combination of the two can meet the requirements of various normal and fault operation protection of the power distribution system.

Load Break Switch Function Video

Load Break Switch Function Video