Working Principles of Sf6 Gas Load Break Switch

Broadly speaking, there will be many types of high-voltage ring network cabinets, including vacuum circuit breakers, gas-filled cabinets, and central cabinets. sf6 gas load circuit breaker is called ring main unit or high voltage ring main unit in the power industry. Although vacuum circuit breaker cabinets, gas-filled cabinets, and center cabinets belong to the ring network cabinet, they are not called ring network cabinets.

SF6 gas analysis of SF6 gas load break switch

SF6 gas was discovered and used by people in the early twentieth century. SF6 gas is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, chemically stable gas, and its density is 5 times that of air. SF6 gas molecules are negatively charged and have a strong ability to absorb free electrons to form negative ions, so they have extremely high electrical resistance and good insulation properties. Moreover, the SF6 gas of the load break switch has a low dissociation temperature and a low dissociation energy, so it has excellent arc extinguishing performance. SF6 has been widely used in the electric power industry because of its superior insulation performance and arc extinguishing performance.

Working principles of SF6 gas load break switch

The performance of the high-voltage ring main unit depends on the performance of the SF6 gas load break switch, so the sf6 gas load disconnect switch is the most important part of the ring main unit. SF6 load break switch is divided into three stations and two stations, the difference lies in whether there is a grounding switch. The sf6 gas load disconnect switch is an integrated switch of load switch, isolating switch and grounding switch, which is installed in a closed SF6 gas box. The shell is made of epoxy resin, which has heat-resistant insulation properties and is also a common material in the power industry. Therefore, the sf6 gas load circuit breaker has good insulation and arc extinguishing performance, and can be used for more than 20 years under normal maintenance.

The load switch is switchgear with a simple arc extinguishing device. Load switches that use SF6 gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium are called load break switch SF6. The SF6 gas load break switch can be used for the closing and breaking of load current and overload current, as well as the closing and breaking of no-load circuits, no-load transformers and capacitor banks. All three-position load switches with connection, disconnection and grounding functions have the characteristics of simple structure and low price. To buy a load disconnect switch, look for Gopower. Gopower is worthy of your trust!

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