How to Install Vacuum Circuit Breakers?

High-voltage vacuum circuit breakers have a good arc-extinguishing characteristic, which is suitable for frequent operation, and a long non-maintenance cycle. They have been widely used in urban and rural power grid transformation in the power industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, railway electrification, and mining. The vacuum circuit breaker has been generally praised by the user department.

1. Advantages of vacuum circuit breakers pole mounted auto recloser

The advantages of vacuum circuit breakers mainly refer to the vacuum interrupter, but its long period of no maintenance means no maintenance or maintenance-free. For the vacuum circuit breaker as a whole, the vacuum interrupter is only a component, such as the operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, insulating parts, etc., and is still an important part of ensuring the technical performance of the vacuum circuit breaker. For the normal maintenance of each component, it is very necessary to achieve the satisfactory use effect of the vacuum circuit breaker. Inquiry 33kv auto recloser, 24kv, 11kv auto recloser.

2. Installation requirements for vacuum circuit breakers pole mounted auto recloser

When the outdoor vacuum circuit breaker pole mounted recloser has not committed to the manufacturer, it is necessary to use the site for routine inspection, and blind self-confidence should be avoided as much as possible.

(1) Visual inspection and internal inspection of the vacuum circuit breaker should be carried out before installation. The vacuum interrupter, various parts, and components should be complete, qualified, non-destructive, and free of foreign matter.

(2) Strictly implement the requirements of the installation process regulations, and the specifications of the fasteners installed for each component must be selected by the design regulations.

(3) Check the distance between poles, and the distance between the upper and lower outlet lines must meet the requirements of relevant professional technical regulations.

(4) The tools and tools used must be clean and meet the assembly requirements. Tighten the screws near the arc extinguishing chamber, and do not use an adjustable wrench.

(5) The rotating and sliding parts should move freely, and grease should be applied to the friction parts.

(6) After the overall installation and commissioning of the outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is qualified, it should be cleaned and wiped clean. The adjustable connection parts of each component should be marked with red paint, and the connection of the outlet terminal should be smeared with anti-corrosion grease.

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