DTU/FTU Solution

Switch cabinet is one of the most important equipment in the power grid. It mainly receives and distributes network power, and controls, monitors, measures and protects power grid lines. Its operational reliability is related to the safety and stability of the entire power grid and the reliability of urban power supply.

Power distribution automation remote terminal (hereinafter referred to as power distribution terminal) is a new generation of power distribution terminal developed on the basis of the latest generation of automated remote terminal technology. With flexible  configuration function, WEB publishing function, independent protection plug-in function, it is a new type of distribution network automation terminal integrating DTU, line protection and communication equipment management.

  • Configuration configuration: flexible combination of DTU functions in the power distribution terminal

  • Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of line voltage, line current and equipment status

  • Fault isolation: on-site detection and removal of line faults

  • Protocol conversion: With multiple standard communication protocols, uplink and downlink can be configured independently

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