Pole Mounted Switch Solution

The smart controller monitors the operation of the power distribution system in real time in the power system, and can accurately determine the nature of the system line fault (transient/permanent) according to the actual changes in the electrical parameter data in the case of a power distribution system failure. The recloser vacuum circuit breaker and sf6 load break switch automatically cuts off the permanent fault line and restores the power supply of other non-faulty lines. In this way, the loss caused by the power failure can be minimized.

Gopower's pole mounted disconnect switch integrates protection, measurement, control, monitoring, communication, telecontrol and other functions, and has the characteristics of high integration, flexible configuration, and friendly interface. Mainly used in radial power supply and ring network power supply systems, it can help the system identify transient faults and permanent faults of the line can automatically eliminate the impact of transient faults on the line and can isolate the permanent fault section to avoid long-term large-scale blackouts, Automatically restore the power supply of the non-faulty section of the grid, thereby economically and practically realize the distribution network automation

  • Reliable and stable operation: Inherited the company’s years of experience in R&D and field operation of relay protection devices, measurement and control devices, communication devices, and distribution automation. The device has good electromagnetic compatibility, low power consumption, wide operating temperature range, shockproof, Moisture and lightning protection, with good reliability and stability.

  • Rich and practical functions: It has all the functions required for current relay protection, and can be combined according to actual requirements

  • The system is easy to expand: the modular design has a unified interface and expansion margin, which is convenient for future expansion and technical upgrades, and ensures a longer effective life cycle of the device

  • Convenient maintenance: With self-diagnosis and self-recovery capabilities. The device has a large-capacity non-volatile memory, with detailed historical records, no data loss after power failure

  • Data storage: with large-capacity non-volatile memory, no data loss when power off, detailed historical records

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