Master Station Solution

A system that combines real-time monitoring and offline management, combines power grid equipment data and user data, real-time data and historical data, grid wiring graphics and geographic graphics, graphics and data.

The distribution network automation system adopts many advanced software development technologies in computer fields such as object-oriented, control, relational database, and multimedia. It is a complete power distribution box system solution including data scada remote terminal unit and GIS, which has high security and Degree of integration. The system has the function of software and hardware isolation. The operation of the system software has nothing to do with the type of network hardware equipment. Based on an open support platform, the system has openness, reliability and ease of use.

  • Hierarchical distributed three-tier architecture and Internet publishing

  • SCADA/GIS truly fully integrated design  

  • Design method centered on real-time library  

  • Design scheme for large objects of power system

  • Advanced distribution network power application software package with advanced algorithms

  • Advanced integrated intelligence and safe and reliable control

  • System remote maintenance and self-diagnosis fault tolerance function

  • Has a strong communication processing function

  • Flexible standard data interface, convenient to interconnect with GIS, MIS and other systems

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