Pole Top Switches

The pole mounted disconnect switch, also known as a pole top switch, is a kind of safety switch used on the electric pole to ensure the safety of electricity. Pole top switches' main function is to isolate the high voltage of the circuit. According to the arcing capacity of the contact, Gopower pole mounted switch can be divided into pole top recloser & load brake switch. Besides, sf6 load break switch including load break switch 11kv and 15 kv pole mounted disconnect switch,24kv and 33kv LBS.

Types of Pole Top Switches

There are many types of load break disconnect pole top switches, including SF6 Gas Load Break Switch and Vacuum Circuit Breaker. We offer different specifications of SF6 Gas Load Break Switch, such as 11kv load break switch, 33kv load break switch and 15 kv pole mounted disconnect switch , etc. Vacuum Circuit Breakers also have various specifications, including 11kv outdoor circuit breaker, 24kv vacuum circuit breaker, 33kv automatic circuit recloser, each designed based on the working principle of vacuum circuit breaker, and so on. If you want to buy pole top switches, please send your demands to us.

How Does a Load Break Switch Work

Load switch is a kind of pole top switches with a simple arc extinguishing device. The outdoor pole mounted load break switch uses SF6 gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium is called the SF6 load break switch. It can be used for closing and breaking load current and overload current, or as for closing and breaking no-load circuits, no-load transformers and capacitor banks, all three-position load switches with the functions of connecting, disconnecting, and grounding have the characteristics of simple structure and low price. The pole mounted disconnect switch is actually a very useful power electrical equipment type. When the switch is closed, it can carry the relevant working currently and short-circuit current on the transportation circuit and protect the safety; When it is in the opening state, it will have a good insulation function, and a relatively obvious relevant port made of insulating material will be formed between the separated contacts. In general, as long as the pole mounted switch is installed, it will not cut off the load current and short-circuit current at will. 

What's more, the relevant parts of the switch, provided by remote terminal unit manufacturers, can be used to set other fractures, such as setting for the line, and the port for managing the circuit fracture can be opened and closed at the same time. Therefore, they can meet the needs of circuit maintenance or reorganization in different states.

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