Features of Distribution Automation Terminal

  • Distributed structure, it composed by several interval units and public units.

  • The software platform adopts the powerful Linux operating system of real-time multi-tasking and multi-threading.

  • The rtu remote terminal unit can record the first 4 cycles of the faulty line and 8 cycles after the failure during the fault recording of the device, and record 64 points for each cycle. Use the device maintenance tool to perform detailed analysis on the recording files, and the waveform details can be seen at a glance.

  • Miniaturization, each unit of the terminal adopts a small structure, and the structure is small and convenient for mass production and mass testing

  • The installation is simplified, and the terminal adopts a unified and easy-to-plug interface, suitable for installation and replacement

  • Large size LCD screen with 160*160 resolution, terminal operating conditions can be seen at a glance

  • It has a variety of communication interfaces and a variety of standard communication protocols. In addition to the internal data management function, it can also forward the data of electricity meters, PLC and DC screen in the distribution room or on and off station, and complete the data transmission and other functions by communicating with the master station system through a standard unified interface

Main Purpose of Distribution Automation Terminal

Installed in conventional switching stations (stations), outdoor small switching stations, ring main unit, small substations, box-type substations, etc., to complete the position signal, voltage, current, active power, reactive power, and collection and calculation of electric energy and other data, etc., to perform opening and closing operations on the switch, to realize the fault identification and isolation of the feeder switch and the restoration of power supply to the non-fault section. Report the processing process and results to the main electrical distribution cabinet.

Advantages of Distribution Automation Terminal

  • Use miniaturized distributed DTU to transform the existing ring main unit, which greatly saves installation space and solves the problems of large installation volume, complicated wiring, and long power outage time and so on.

  • It does not depend on the global information of the master station or the sub-station

  • Fast processing and reliable action

  • When the operation mode of the distribution line changes, the logic is adaptive.

  • No need to reclose multiple times, reducing the impact on the equipment.

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