How to Determine Whether the Vacuum Circuit Breaker is Broken Down?

The analysis of faults and faults' causes of vacuum circuit breaker, such as how to judge whether it is fault , its fault reasons. And it includes no energy storage, no closing breaker action, or closing breaker action but can not close. And why vacuum circuit breaker can not open.

As a new type of circuit breaker, the vacuum circuit breaker has many advantages when compared with past less oil circuit breakers and magnetic blow-out circuit-breakers. Especially, in recent years, the emergence of the newest vacuum circuit breaker and constant innovation make its structure change a lot. When using and maintaining a new type vacuum circuit breaker, many staff find it difficult, especially when it breaks down, they are helpless.

Whether the vacuum circuit breaker is faulty or not, it can be judged on whether it can close and open accurately or maintain in the closing and opening position reliably. Its major faults can find that it is eliminated during routine overhaul and maintenance of the outdoor vacuum circuit breaker. The common fault causes of vacuum circuit breakers are analyzed as follows:

1. The vacuum circuit breaker can not store energy.

The common fault, not storing energy, is one of vacuum circuit breaker faults. The energy storage mechanism driven by ratchet wheel and pawl has a high probability. In order to complete the energy storage action, the energy storage mechanism mainly depends on three links :the energy storage motor, driving mechanism and positioning parts. It is easy to find the crux of the fault., if you grasp these three links firmly.

2. The vacuum circuit breaker has no closing breaker.

The failure of no closing breaker action is mainly related to whether the closing electromagnet is pulled in, the energy storage is in place, and the action of the positioning part is normal.

3. The vacuum of the vacuum circuit breaker is closing.

There is a closing breaker action and it fails. When analyzing this kind of failure, it should start with closing the breaker(lock) first. Then analyzing  whether it is related to the breaker's energy storage part.

4.The vacuum circuit breaker has no separating brake.

It is emphasize that when outdoor vacuum circuit breaker rejection, air closing, before the analysis and maintenance of the main body of the circuit breaker, to fully determine whether the reason is in the control and secondary components such as auxiliary switch, terminal block, and then the analysis and diagnosis of the circuit breaker.

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