What is the Role of the AC Power Distribution Box?

1. The three-phase AC power distribution box is mainly suitable for the AC power distribution of mobile base stations, microwave stations and other communication rooms

The AC power distribution box body adopts a fully sealed waterproof structure, and the surface is treated with plastic spraying, which has strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities. The interior adopts high-quality air switch, which has good overcurrent and overheating protection. Three-phase four-wire power supply (plus protective ground wire ), and is equipped with high-energy lightning arrester for lightning protection and surge protection of the power supply. And reserved three-phase backup switch, two-way single-phase switch and power socket for expansion needs.

2. General functions of AC power distribution box

( 1 ) Lightning protection, power distribution, electricity metering and monitoring are integrated.

(2) Dual power input of mains power and oil generator, the input adopts electronic interlocking and mechanical interlocking, manual and automatic switching.

( 3 ) The oil machine is connected from the upper end (with the oil machine connection box ) or the lower end (without the oil machine connection box ), which is convenient for operation.

( 4 ) All-round power consumption management : can measure the AC current, voltage, active power, power consumption, power factor and switching value of each branch of each branch (optional ).

( 5 ) A variety of interfaces and transmission methods are available to facilitate information uploading.

( 6 ) Unprecedented powerful monitoring function, which can comprehensively monitor the breaking state of each circuit breaker, important DC parameters, computer room environment and computer room safety parameters, and can monitor intelligent equipment.

( 7 ) A protector is configured. The integrated structure of the protector and the distribution electrical box ensures the best connection method of the protector, thus providing a guarantee for the best lightning protection performance of the system.

( 8 ) Equipped with power environment monitoring module (which can realize remote monitoring and uploading of diesel generator power generation time) and intelligent main and backup power supply automatic conversion module.

3. The role of AC power distribution box

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The AC power distribution box is the user terminal that divides the AC power into N loops according to the needs. Each feeder needs to add an air switch for overcurrent protection (the so-called tripping ). This is similar to the one used at home, where a row of air is used. Switches are divided into circuits such as air conditioners, lighting, sockets, etc. The switching power supply is used to provide a stable DC power supply and convert alternating current into direct current. The specific capacity is calculated according to the DC modules you load. The more modules, the greater the capacity. A lot of things for monitoring and protection are added in it, and batteries ( groups ) are often equipped to provide uninterrupted power supply.

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