Comparison of Two Kinds of SF6 Pole Mounted Switches

SF6 Circuit Recloser of Pole Mounted Disconnect Switch

Structure: load break switch sf6 is a sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker. The structure of SF6 circuit breaker is mainly porcelain post structure and tank structure.

Application: SF6 load break switch is mainly used in EHV large capacity power system.

Features: SF6 gas load break switch has the characteristics of blocking effect, long electrical life, high insulation level, good sealing performance, self-protection and low operating power.

SF6 Load Break Switch

Structure: the structure of SF6 load break switch is mainly arc extinguishing device, using SF6 gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium.

Application: SF6 LBS has more application scenarios, one is used to make and break load current and overload current, the other is used to make and break no-load line, no-load transformer and capacitor bank.

Features: load break switch SF6 has the characteristics of long electrical life, strong breaking force, three working positions, small current breaking and strong resistance to harsh environment.

11kv Lbs And 15kv Pole Mounted Disconnect Switch

Gopower has many types of medium voltages LBS load break switch, in which 11kv load break switch and 15 kv pole mounted disconnect switch are very popular in our board and overseas customer, welcome to get enquiry now!

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