Characteristics and Functions Introduction of SCADA Remote Terminal Unit

Distribution terminal unit DTU installation location: indoor and outdoor switchrooms, distribution rooms, knife switch rooms, transformer substations, switches. It has the function of detecting line faults and overload states, and can detect line zero-sequence overvoltage, zero-sequence overcurrent, line overload, line overcurrent, phase-to-phase short circuit protection, etc. In Gopower, it can be flexibly set as an alarm and trip action. And record fault events.

SCADA Remote Terminal Unit Features

(1)Remote terminal unit RTU has"communication" function. SCADA RTU system has"remote maintenance" function;

(2)Flexible configuration, all protection functions have separate return paths;

(3)SCADA Remote Terminal Unit system has complete self-checking function of RTU, which can online detect the working status of each part;

(4)The closing and closing circuits are designed to prevent erroneous operations and have anti-missed operations;

(5)Suitable for analog quantity acquisition, status quantity acquisition, local and remote control switching of 4-12;

(6)Can control 24 channels through expansion;

(7)By selecting different configurations, remote terminal units can meet the needs of the national power grid;

(8)Meet the special requirements of different regions across the country;

(9)Zero-sequence current setting adaptive function, no manual adjustment required;

(10)Comply with the specific requirements of "Fusion of One and Two";

(11) The core RTU unit can be flexibly configured for vertical shadow, horizontal shadow, outdoor vertical, and d-group screens.

Main Functions of SCADA Remote Terminal Unit

(1) The RTU unit achieves comprehensive coverage and monitoring of the operating status of distribution terminals, quickly retrieves and locates each terminal through the terminal list column;

(2) The RTU in the SCADA RTU system realizes remote monitoring of the channel operation status and board status of distribution terminal, and timely alarms terminal equipment defect information through the event alarm window;

(3) The remote terminal unit in SCADA realizes remote querying of the setting values, information table contents, and program versions of SCADA in the power system, and completes program upgrade, setting value setting, and information table modification remotely through the remote setting column;

(4) SCADA realizes remote querying and downloading of memory information of distribution terminals, such as remote signaling displacement, overcurrent alarm, remote control operation records, and other local information.

Compared with remote operation and maintenance systems of SCADA remote terminal units for different feeder line remote terminal equipment, the remote terminal unit RTU consists of communication management server, Web server, network security protection equipment, and maintenance workstation: the communication management server is used to provide direct communication with remote terminals, collect status information and parameter information of each SCADA remote terminal unit.

In Gopower, the data collected by SCADA remote terminal unit equipment are forwarded to the Web server according to the data requested by the Web server, and the SCADA parameter setting commands issued by the Web server are forwarded to the terminal; the Web data server is used to provide high-performance network services, allowing users to browse and modify the parameters and status of remote terminal unit RTU. The interface also displays real-time messages and wish data of the terminal, realizing various functions of human-computer interaction.

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