You have to know: Some electric technologies and inventions that will change the future!

1. Wireless power transmission: Bid farewell to the era of cables


Wireless power transmission

Can you imagine a world without wires and cables?

Wireless power transmission USES radio means to convert the electricity produced by power plants into radio waves which are then collected and converted into electricity for human use by specific receiving devices.

It is planned to put it into the lives of residents around 2015.

Scientists around the world have even studied the use of wireless power transmission technology to build solar power stations on the moon, and then transmit them to earth for human service.

The time without wires and cables will come soon!

2. Water transformer: water insulation instead of oil and resin insulation technology

Water transformer

3. Big data: Creating smart wind and solar energy

Big data

Scientists use big data from the modern Internet to accurately predict weather trends, using precise data on wind energy direction and solar light energy.
A turbine records wind speed and energy output every few seconds.

These data are processed with artificial intelligence software, resulting in unprecedented accuracy in wind energy forecasting.

Look for complementary methods of wind and solar energy to make wind and solar energy more intelligent.

Science and technology are making green energy the best partner of mankind!

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