Function and Operation of Load Break Switch

LBS Load Break Switch Function

LBS Load break switch is a kind of on-off switch with special arc extinguishing contact, arc extinguishing device and spring circuit breaker. It can only open and close the load current, or open and close the overload current, so it is only used to cut off and connect the circuit under normal conditions, not to open the short-circuit fault current. Since the arc extinguishing device and contact of the pole mounted load break switch are designed according to the load current cut-off and connection, the load break switch should be used together with the high-voltage fuse in most cases, and the latter is responsible for the task of cutting off the short-circuit fault current. With the continuous development of science and technology, the types of load break switch and its quality have increased and improved. At present, vacuum circuit recloser, gas producing load switch and compressed air load switch are more popular.

Types of Load Break Switch(LBS)

Gopower is a professional manufacturer of LBS load break switch, in which, 11 kv load break switch,33kv load break switch, 15 kv pole mounted disconnect switch and lbs 24kv has helped a lot in industrial projects.

LBS Load Break Switch Operation

1. Confirm the off position of the grounding switch, push the lbs load break switch (circuit breaker) into the plug position (with plug, test and draw out positions) and confirm that the load break switch position is normal.

2. Confirm that the load break switch (circuit breaker) is in the state of energy storage (if there is no energy storage, electric energy storage or manual energy storage can be used).

3. Operation closing: 

Put the handle of the electric closing (opening) operation switch in the ready closing position, and then turn the switch to the closing position (this rotation should not exceed three seconds), and the load break switch (circuit breaker) acts to the closing state. 

Such as manual mechanical closing, press the mechanical closing button to close, and the load break switch (circuit breaker) acts to the closing state.

4. After closing, check the indication of electric induction indicator, voltmeter and ammeter, and check whether the operation of high voltage cabinet and transformer is normal.

5. When the equipment is normal, the equipment operation record shall be made.

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