Detailed Introduction of Wiring Method for VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker)

Outdoor vcb wiring methods can be divided into four types: front panel wiring, back panel wiring, plugin wiring, and accessory cabinet wiring.

Outdoor vcb front panel wiring

Front panel wiring is the default wiring method for isolation switches. Customers can connect the power plug and load wire to the connection plate of the vacuum circuit breaker base and carry out screw-fixed wiring immediately before installing the outdoor VCB breaker to the equipment concentration.

Outdoor vcb back panel wiring

Back panel wiring means that if the vacuum circuit breaker is installed in the equipment concentration, the connection plate of the vacuum circuit breaker base will be connected to the power plug and load wire according to the ground screw on the installation plate. Its main feature is that there is no need to re-wire when replacing or inspecting the vacuum circuit breaker, just turn off the power switch in front. Due to its unique structure, the commodity factory provides dedicated installation plates, installation screws and wiring screws according to the design scheme. Please note that the stability of the large space VCB circuit breaker will immediately endanger all normal applications of the vacuum circuit breaker, so careful installation with strict compliance with the production factory's regulations is necessary.

Outdoor vcb plugin wiring

Plugin wiring means that the 6 power socket mounting seats and the 6 power socket mounting facilities on the vacuum circuit breaker connection plate are first mounted on the installation plate of the equipment concentration. The surface of the mounting seat has a connection plate or the back of the mounting seat has a base bolt. The mounting seat is pre-connected with the switch power and load wire. When using, the customer can insert the vacuum circuit breaker into the mounting seat and apply it. If the vacuum circuit breaker is damaged, you only need to remove it. The removal time is shorter and more convenient than front panel and back panel wiring.

Outdoor vcb accessory cabinet wiring

Accessory cabinet wiring is generally used for the installation of universal outdoor vcbs. The in and out drawer cabinets of the vacuum circuit breaker rotate clockwise or counterclockwise with the remote control, and the plugin structures are selected on the main control circuit and the secondary circuit to eliminate the isolators required for moving installation. It guarantees the use of 1 phase and 2 uses, improves the rationality of application, improves the safety factor and stability, and provides great convenience for practical operation and maintenance.

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