Differences Between Load Break Switches and Circuit Breakers

1. Pole mounted load break switch

The load break interrupter switch has a simple arc extinguishing device, which can open and close the circuit with load, and has the function of self arc extinguishing. It can turn on and off a certain load current and overload current (working current), but cannot cut off short-circuit current (accident current). It must be used in series with a high-voltage fuse to cut off the short-circuit current. High voltage load break pole mounted switch are typically used to control power transformers.

2. Outdoor vcb breaker

The load break switch sf6 can turn on and off the circuit under load, and can quickly cut off the short-circuit current when the system has a short-circuit fault. That is to say, the circuit breaker can cut off the working current and the accident current, and it can also automatically cut off the short-circuit fault under the action of the protection device. Pole mounted recloser are mainly used in motors, large-capacity transformers and substations that frequently break loads.

3. The difference between load break switch and circuit breaker

(1) The circuit breaker can cut off the working current and the accident current, while the load circuit breaker can only cut off the working current but not the accident current. This is the main difference.

(2) To put it simply, circuit breakers are generally used in places that need to be disconnected frequently, and load-break switches are generally used in places where frequent disconnections are not required.

(3) Under certain conditions, the load break switch can replace the function of the circuit breaker, and the circuit breaker cannot replace the load break switch.

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