Detailed Introduction of Basic Parameters of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Rated Voltage

Vacuum Circuit Breaker must operate under its rated voltage, and therefore, the operating voltage should be based on its higher rated voltage. The voltage at which the circuit breaker arcs should be taken into account, and the circuit breaker should not be applied below the rated voltage. Although it is possible to consider applying the circuit breaker at a lower voltage, during arcing, the flame-retardant rating of the system software should not be exceeded.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Discrimination Capability

Discrimination capability is generally referred to as the "rated maximum breaking current", which clearly indicates the maximum current that can be cut off by the vacuum circuit breaker. This current must be greater than the maximum short circuit current according to the recloser vacuum circuit breaker.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Minimum Trip Current

The minimum trip current is generally referred to as the "rated minimum trip current", which must be defined for backup vacuum circuit breakers. From this current gradually, Vacuum Circuit Breakers can cut off common fault currents.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Output Power Loss

The output power loss of a vacuum circuit breaker is determined by its rated current. When using a vacuum circuit breaker for maintenance, the operating current is usually only half of the rated current. According to the fundamental principles of physics, the specific output power loss is less than a quarter of the output power loss value reserved for the technical performance parameters of the vacuum circuit breaker.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Current Limitation

When the short circuit current is very high, the vacuum circuit breaker can cut off the current within a few seconds. This means that the current is cut off before reaching the peak value of the sine curve, which is an obvious advantage, while pole top switch must take longer to open and cut off the current.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Actual Operating Voltage

Because Vacuum Circuit Breakers have overcurrent protection, the short circuit current should be limited and reduced as it rises, which requires a practical operating voltage higher than the system software voltage to drive the current to zero. This actual operating voltage must be within an allowable range and not exceed the maximum rated voltage.

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