Bo Wei Intelligent Wild Beaver Island Healthy Walking Day

In order to create a positive and healthy corporate culture, we advocate people to strengthen exercise, develop good living habits, and maintain a persistent sportsmanship spirit.

On November 25th, the company organized the "Bo Wei Intelligent Wild Beaver Island Healthy Walking Day", which received strong support and active participation from the leaders and colleagues of the company.

Although, the day under the light rain, but did not affect the enthusiasm of colleagues reference activities.

At 8:40 in the morning, all the colleagues gathered in the parking lot. After the roll call, they set out for the destination.

Everyone is chasing each other all the way, leaving a young and energetic figure of "Bowie Intelligence" all the way.

9:40 The first colleague successfully arrived at the destination -- Meng Qingshun, Quality Department.Five minutes later, colleagues began arriving at their destination.In accordance with the regulations, we selected the top ten colleagues according to the rules of the competition: according to the order of arrival and the number of reference nail steps, and invited Mr. Lei and Mr. Qu to award prizes to everyone!

Every colleague who participated in the walk prepared a small gift!

After everyone successfully arrived at the destination, colleagues in the logistics team prepared a rich food for everyone, as well as gifts and toys for each little baby to participate in the activity.

Walking Day

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