Features And Application Ranges of Automatic Recloser

The auto circuit recloser is a power distribution switch equipment with protection and automatic control functions. It can automatically break and reclose in the AC circuit according to the pre-set breaking and reclosing sequence, and then automatically reset and lock.

It can automatically detect the current flowing through the vacuum circuit recloser loop. When the fault current is confirmed, the opening and closing operations should be performed based on the pre-set operation sequence and time interval to restore the power supply. If the fault is instantaneous, the automatic line recloser is in the cyclic operation of opening and closing. If the reclosing is successful, the subsequent opening and closing operations will be automatically terminated, and the pre-set state will be restored after a period of delay to prepare for the next failure. In case of permanent failure, the circuit recloser will automatically lock after completing the pre-set operation sequence, isolate the faulty section, and no longer supply power to the fault line. When the fault is eliminated, it is needed to manually remove the reclosing lock of the recloser to restore the normal state. Therefore, the automatic recloser can effectively avoid the effects of transient faults.

1. Features of outdoor VCB automatic recloser

(1) It has the ability to automatically judge the nature of current, complete fault detection, and perform opening and closing functions. Also, it can automatically restore the initial state, memory the number of actions, complete the closing and locking, etc. In addition, it has functions such as operation sequence selection, breaking and reclosing characteristics adjustment.

(2) The operating power supply can be directly from the power grid or external low-voltage AC power supply. As a China electric power equipment company, we have different types of types of reclosers, such as  lbs 24kv, 33kv automatic circuit recloser, and 11 kv load break switch

(3) It has multiple reclosing functions with 4 times of breaking and 3 times reclosing in general, and it can adjust the number of reclosing and the reclosing interval time based on the needs.

(4) The interphase fault break adopts inverse time characteristics. The automatic recloser has fast and low ampere-second characteristic curves, and there is only one fast curve and 16 slow curves, which is beneficial to cooperate with protection and fuse.

(5) It has a large breaking capacity, allowing more breaking times and basic maintenance is generally not required.

2. Application range of outdoor VCB automatic recloser

(1) It can be used at the 10kV outlet of the substation. And it can be used as a 10kV feeder, combined load current, overload current and short-circuit current. It can replace 10kV high-voltage circuit breakers without additional relay protection screens, control screens and DC screens, which can reduce overall investment, improve the degree of automation, and achieve unattended operation.

(2) It can be used in 10kV power distribution system trunk line, branch line and ring network line to replace general circuit breakers. It integrates switching, protection, and control into one, which is highly intelligent to improve the degree of automation. It can also achieve power supply for dual-loop and multi-loop pole mounted auto recloser ring networks, and it can achieve segmented delay power supply for long lines. The automatic recloser is equipped with four remote interfaces to facilitate the realization of urban network automation. In addition, it can achieve remote control at a close range, which is convenient for operation and reduces the workload of maintenance for operators.

(3) The automatic recloser electrical can be used for 10kV power distribution lines in oil fields and mines. It can achieve delayed closing and power transmission and peak-valley difference automatic power transmission, and a password can be set to prevent power theft.

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