Function of Vacuum Circuit Breaker in Power System

Vacuum circuit breaker has the characteristics of low arc extinguishing voltage, strong arc extinguishing ability and fast breaking speed. The mechanism of overvoltage generation includes cut-off overvoltage, multiple reignition overvoltage, simultaneous breaking overvoltage, etc. Vacuum circuit breaker has the characteristics of low arc extinguishing voltage, strong arc extinguishing ability, fast breaking speed, large breaking capacity, long service life, adaptability to frequent operation and so on. It has been widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields. However, the vacuum circuit breaker will produce overvoltage in the process of breaking. If it is not used properly in operation, it will also cause accidents such as circuit breaker explosion, which will have a significant impact on safety production.

The arc extinguishing medium of VCB pole mounted auto recloser and the insulation medium of contact gap after arc extinguishing are high vacuum. Vacuum circuit breaker is the main switchgear in power system. Vacuum circuit breaker is named because its arc extinguishing medium and the insulating medium of contact gap after arc extinguishing are high vacuum; It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, suitable for frequent operation and arc extinguishing without maintenance. It is widely used in power distribution box network.

1. The meaning of Vacuum in Outdoor VCB Circuit Recloser

There are many kinds of circuit breakers: multi oil circuit breaker, low oil circuit breaker, sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker, compressed air circuit breaker and vacuum circuit breaker. These are named after the arc extinguishing medium. The nature of the arc extinguishing medium determines the arc extinguishing ability. The vacuum circuit breaker has strong arc extinguishing ability and can extinguish the arc quickly. But in fact, it is not a vacuum. It will deliberately add some air to it for the sake of safety. This is just a naming method of circuit breaker. We need to understand the principle.

2. Function of Outdoor VCB Circuit Recloser in Power System

When the power system operates normally, the vacuum circuit breaker can cut off and connect the no-load and load current of lines and various electrical equipment; When the power system fails, the vacuum circuit breaker cooperates with the relay protection to quickly cut off the fault current and prevent the expansion of the accident scope.

Gopower outdoor VCB circuit breaker is 11kv outdoor circuit breaker, 33kv recloser vacuum circuit breaker, 24kv vacuum circuit breaker, 50Hz, normal indoor distribution three-phase recloser and 24kv vacuum circuit breaker. It can be used for the protection and control of electrical equipment in industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations. Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is especially suitable for places without oil, less maintenance and frequent operation. The vacuum circuit breaker switch can be configured in the central cabinet, double-layer cabinet and fixed cabinet as the control and protection of high-voltage electrical equipment. As a power equipment company, we provide various types of vacuum circuit breakers, such as 11kv vacuum circuit breaker, 33kv outdoor circuit breaker, etc.

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