Daily Maintenance of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The maintenance methods of automatic circuit recloser or routine maintenance of it: how to ensure it is in good working state, clean pipe protection, replace rubber parts regularly and check the main components regularly. These ensure the normal operation of outdoor vacuum circuit breakers. In order to keep it in good working condition, the maintenance and management must be strengthened.

The following are the maintenance methods of the outdoor VCB vacuum circuit breaker provided by Gopower.

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1. Keep the automatic circuit recloser in a nice environment

(1) The humid gas is decomposed into hydrogen, oxygen and other mixed gases under the action of arcing, which damages the insulation between the fractures and the main contact. It makes the arc difficult or reburning. What is worse, it may cause the explosion of the arc extinguishing chamber.

(2) The insulation strength of the supporting porcelain bottle and the arc extinguishing chamber are reduced, which results in surface discharge.

(3) The patent leather, rust slag and other foreign objects in the pipeline of the vacuum circuit breaker may block the airport, so that the main circuit breaker action failure, the clamping phenomenon occurs.

(4) If the foreign objects enter the arc extinguisher chamber, it may cause poor contact, so that the nonlinear resistance will be burned due to long-term electricity. And it will cause the nonlinear resistance porcelain bottle to burst seriously. Therefore, the intake pipe of the main circuit breaker air storage cylinder is equipped with an oil and water separator, and the lower part of the water discharge valve. All these regularly drained during the use and maintenance of pole mounted auto recloser to keep the air path clean.

2. Replace the rubber parts of automatic circuit recloser regularly

The main automatic recloser is a kind of pneumatic and electric with a complex structure. And power line recloser's components have high requirements on sealing performance. In order to ensure good sealing performance, the rubber parts of outdoor vacuum circuit breakers should be replaced regularly.

3. Check the main components of outdoor VCB vacuum circuit breaker regularly

(1) Arc extinguishing chamber

The state of the recovery spring of its main contact over range and moving contact should be regularly detected. Due to the mutual friction and frequent parting and closing, the dynamic and static contacts will wear, which results in the reduction of over range and contact pressure. When the over range is reduced to a certain extent, the dynamic and static contacts should be replaced. When the deformation of the moving contact recovery spring exceeds a certain limit, it must be replaced in time.

(2) Nonlinear resistance

Keeping the inside of the nonlinear resistance porcelain bottle clean and sealed. Replacing the desiccant in the vacuum load break switch nonlinear resistance porcelain bottle regularly. Checking the resistance value of the nonlinear resistance plate, and replacing it in time when the change of the resistance value exceeds a certain limit.

(3) Main valve

Checking the fit size between piston and valve body regularly. If the size does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced in time.

(4) Transmission air cylinder

To adjust the buffer of the transmission air cylinder properly. To ensure the disconnecting switch works well. Checking the matching accuracy between the piston of outdoor VCB breaker and cylinder block regularly. These ensure its good action performance by dressing or replacing  parts.

(5) Ventilation plug door

The filler in the stopper must be replaced regularly, and the ventilation rate of the stopper must be tested. And adjusting it to the allowable range.

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