What Are the Notes for Auto Circuit Recloser?

1. Notes for installation of the auto circuit recloser

(1) The switch should be installed on the wall or in the main box to avoid direct rain and sun.

(2) The wiring terminal of the automatic circuit recloser should be installed with one end facing down to avoid rain dripping into the terminal.

(3) It is important to distinguish the neutral wire and the live wire of the mains AC220V, and connect them to the power input end of the protector.

(4) The power output of the protector should be connected to the power input of the load device.

(5) If the red indicator light is on after the power is turned on after 10 seconds, it indicates that there is a corresponding fault in the line. If the power supply still cannot turn off by turning off the switch for 10 seconds and then turning it on again, it indicates that the leakage current in the line exceeds the specified value, or there is an overcurrent short circuit. At this time, all loads should be turned off, the cause should be found out immediately, and the fault should be eliminated before transmitting the power.

(6) The automatic circuit recloser can replace the existing leakage switch and VCB circuit breaker. And the installed leakage protection switch should be removed during installation.

(7) A single-phase 220V power supply, power supply line and grounding wire of electrical equipment should be connected as indicated on the product panel. It should be noted that the input and output ends cannot be mistaken.

(8) The output line from the switch to the electrical equipment must be dedicated. The live wire and the neutral wire should not be connected with other power supply lines to avoid the cross power supply with other switches.

(9)  Different voltages of automatic circuit recloser, such as 11 kv load break switch and 33kv VCB breaker have to be installed according to specific instructions. 

2. Notes for maintenance of the auto circuit recloser

(1) The self-check of the leakage protection function of the automatic recloser should be implemented regularly. The test button can be pressed in the closed and energized state to check whether the equipment is operating normally.

(2) After three consecutive automatic reclosing fails, it is necessary to check the electrical equipment and circuit, and the power supply can be closed after clearing of faults.

(3) The leakage protection switch of the automatic circuit recloser shall not be affected by rain or snow during transportation, storage and use. Also, sun exposure should be avoided as much as possible and it is forbidden to operate with wet hands.

(4) The electric shock caused by simultaneous contact with the two wires of the protected circuit cannot be protected.

(5) When performing the action characteristic test, it is necessary to use the special test instrument that has been qualified by relevant national departments. It is strictly forbidden to test the device by short-circuiting the live wire to the ground wire to avoid the danger of electric shock.

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