The Working Principle and Characteristics of Remote Terminal Unit

Working principle of remote terminal unit

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a special computer measurement and control unit with a modular structure designed for long communication distances and harsh industrial field environments. It connects the end detection instrument and actuator to the main computer of the remote control center, and has functions of remote data acquisition, control, and communication. It can receive operating instructions from the main computer and control the action of the end actuator. According to the definition in the national standard for remote control equipment and system terminology, remote control refers to the general term for completing functions such as telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment using communication technology.

RTU Remote Terminal Unit can be implemented with various hardware and software depending on the nature of the controlled field, the environmental conditions of the field, the complexity of the system, the requirements for data communication, real-time alarm reporting, analog signal measurement accuracy, status monitoring, equipment regulation control, and switch control. Due to the different data transmission protocols, information structures, and error detection technologies adopted by various manufacturers, most manufacturers generally produce dedicated RTUs for SCADA systems.

RTU Remote Terminal Unit has some unique features

  • It has a long communication distance and provides multiple communication ports to adapt to the dispersed applications and different communication requirements of the local area.

  • The CPU has strong computing power and provides large-capacity program and data storage space, which is suitable for on-site calculations and secure storage of a large amount of data.

  • It can adapt to harsh temperature and humidity environments, with an operating temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃.

  • It is designed in a modular structure, which is convenient for expansion.

It is precisely because of the comprehensive functions of the RTU Remote Terminal Unit that the product has been widely used in SCADA systems.

As one of the top SCADA RTU manufacturers, Borway provides remote terminal devicesSCADA, which is the general term for various remote monitoring installations in the distribution network. The remote terminal equipment ofSCADA has functions such as data acquisition, control, and communication.

In SCADA systems, the primary terminal unit of power distribution automation, BD-163, is the latest generation of Chinese distribution box based on the latest generation of automation remote terminal technology by Chinese SCADA RTU manufacturers. Like our MCC cabinets, the remote terminal unit RTU is the eyes and limbs of power distribution automation systems. The operation status of the RTU in SCADA RTU systems is related to the data reliability, performance accuracy, and operational safety of power distribution automation. When correctly configured and operating normally, the SCADA RTU system can achieve correct switch operations, quickly isolate faults, and restore power supply to improve power supply reliability.

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