Wide Application Scope of Remote Terminal Units

Understanding of Remote Terminal Units

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a modular structure with a special computer measurement and control unit designed for long-distance communication and harsh industrial environments.Remote Terminal Unit can connect terminal equipment to the control center to achieve remote control, data acquisition, data transmission, alarm, and other functions.

Remote Terminal Units can connect terminal execution devices, instruments, and meters with control center computers, receive instructions issued by the control center, arrange for the execution devices to complete tasks, and send the data generated during the execution process and the data monitored by the instruments and meters to the control center. In case of accidents, it issues alarms.Remote Terminal Units are remote, independent, and intelligent processing units with strong environmental adaptability, widely used in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.

Advantages of Remote Terminal Units

Long communication distance, diverse communication ports, strong computing power, large storage capacity, wide working temperature range, expandable functions, etc.Remote Terminal Units integrated into SCADA systems are widely used in many industries such as petroleum, natural gas, hydrological monitoring, environmental monitoring, smart grids, medical monitoring, transportation, and industrial automation. Among them, smart grids are the most mature and widely used submarkets for remote terminal units.

In order to adjust the energy structure, the capacity of grid-connected new energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind power is constantly increasing, and the traditional one-way transmission mode of delivering electricity from power companies to users gradually fails to meet market demand. Smart grids can realize bidirectional power transmission, that is, power can be transmitted bidirectionally between power companies and users, bringing distributed power generation equipment into the grid and achieving the maximum utilization of power resources by enabling the grid connection of multiple types of power resources.

According to the market research and development prospect prediction report onRemote Terminal Units (RTU) industry released by the research center, in recent years, the global installation capacity of new energy generation has been expanding, driving the increasing demand for remote terminal units in smart grid systems. China has a leading position in the installed capacity of photovoltaic and wind power generation, and the construction of smart grids is developing rapidly.

As one of the top manufacturers of SCADA RTU, Bowen's remote terminal devices are collectively referred to as SCADA, which are installed in various remote monitoring systems in power distribution networks. SCADA remote terminal devices have functions such as data acquisition, control, and communication.

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